Community Involvement Hours



Please see the HDSB website for the most up to date information regarding this graduation requirement.

Students aged 14 years and older can count up to a maximum of 10 hours from paid employment towards their earned hours at the discretion of the principal. Students counting paid employment towards their graduation requirement will be required to complete a reflection exercise indicating how their work contributed to the service for others.

The reflection document for 10 Hours of Paid Employment for credit toward Community Involvement is located here: (Please not that this can only be submitted for a total of 10 Hours).

The reflection document for supporting your family/in your home is located here:

You may also want to use this form - - to record and submit any additional Hours you have completed. If you have a letter from an organization, that works as well. Or, you may wish to use to document your Hours. This version of the document can be edited once downloaded.

To submit all Hours, students can complete the Google form here:

Also, please also note that for 21/22 graduates, the Community Involvement requirement is reduced to a minimum of 20 hours of Community Involvement Activities.


We post many opportunities to the school's Instagram's feed (@blakelocktigers), Twitter feed (@TABTigerLife) as well as our Daily Announcements. Students can also check out the opportunities available through

Ministry guidelines designate eligible and ineligible activities for the community involvement requirements.

Eligible Community Involvement Activities:

An event/activity/program:

  • Designed to be of benefit to the community;

  • To support not-for-profit agencies, institutions, or foundations;

  • Structured to promote tutoring, mentoring, coaching and whose purpose is to assist others;

  • That supports work of a global nature;

  • That promotes environmental awareness;

  • That promotes and contributes to the health and well-being of any group, including school-based activities;

  • Affiliated with a club, religious organization, arts or cultural association, or political organization that seeks to make a positive contribution in the community.

The Ministry of Education and Training’s list of ineligible activities include:

  • Activities that take place during time allotted for instructional program on a school day;

  • Activities that displace paid workers and/or where you are normally paid (babysitting);

  • Required activities of a course where you earn a credit;

  • Participating on school sports teams or clubs;

  • Experiential learning (Take Our Kids to Work Day, job shadowing, Co-Operative Education);

  • Regular family responsibilities (chores);

  • Court-ordered community service programs.

Grade 12 students should have their 20 hours of Community Involvement

completed (and submitted) by April 1, 2022. If you need support in earning hours or meeting this timeline, please contact your Guidance Counsellor.