Student Code of Conduct


Like any organization, at T. A. Blakelock High School we have rules, which enable us to produce a positive atmosphere in which to learn and to participate in the many facets of the life of the school. The Blakelock school rules are based on respect for self and for others so that each individual can get the most out of all the experiences and activities which make up their education and, at the same time, not prevent others from making the most of their opportunities.

School will be better if each of us lives up to the following:

maintain a positive and cooperative attitude in the treatment of others and expect them to regard each of us in the same way;

participate in school activities, both in the classroom and out, to the best of our ability;

take care of the school buildings and furniture and look after the books and other materials each of us need for our courses.

It is the right of every student, teacher and other staff member of the school to study, teach, and work in an atmosphere that is conducive to learning. It is the responsibility of every school citizen to contribute to the maintenance of a positive school environment.

Within the classroom a student is subject to the authority and direction of the individual teacher, who is in turn, responsible to a member of the Leadership Team/Vice-Principal/Principal. On field trips and at school-sponsored functions, regardless of their location, students are responsible to the supervisors and to the staff of the school. Unless specifically stated otherwise, all school rules and expectations apply on field trips and at school-sponsored functions.

In addition to the school rules, the laws of Ontario and Canada must be respected and observed. Offences related to theft, assault, drugs or alcohol, vandalism and so on, will not be tolerated and may result in the involvement of authorities outside the school, including the police. The Code of Behaviour for the Halton District School Board will be the guiding authority in such cases.


According to Regulation 301 under the Education Act, the purpose of the code of conduct is:

1. To ensure that all members of the school community, especially people in positions of authority, are treated with respect and dignity.

2. To promote responsible citizenship by encouraging appropriate participation in the civic life of the school community.

3. To maintain an environment where conflict and difference can be addressed in a manner characterized by respect and civility.

4. To encourage the use of non-violent means to resolve conflict.

5. To promote the safety of people in the schools.

6. To discourage the use of alcohol and illegal drugs.


Students are to conduct themselves within the guidelines of Safe School legislation.

Students are required to give their names to any staff member who requests them.

Students sent to the office by a teacher must report immediately.

For safety and liability reasons younger children, brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, etc., cannot be brought to the school.

When the fire alarm rings, everyone must leave the building quickly and remain well away from the building until signaled to return.

Smoking is not permitted on school property.

Harassment (verbal, emotional and/or physical) will be dealt with as a very serious matter.

Vandalism will result in consequences and the student will be expected to pay the cost of repair or replacement. Criminal charges may be laid.

Drugs and alcohol are not permitted on school property. Offenders will be prosecuted.

Physical confrontation of any form will result in a consequence as per Bill 212.


There is a direct link between good attendance and success in courses. Students who attend classes regularly and on time absorb more course content and have better access to teaching staff who provide extra help. T. A. Blakelock endeavors to support good attendance practices by implementing the following attendance policy.

Sign in/out procedures

Should you arrive to school late from an appointment, please sign in at the Main Office upon your arrival, prior to going to class. If you leave the school prior to the end of classes, sign out at the Main Office. Parents of students under 18 will be contacted before a student is allowed to sign out. Students who are 18 or older must provide a note to sign out.


When possible, a student should inform the Main Office and the teacher in advance of any upcoming absences. If a student must be absent due to illness, personal or family reasons, or school authorized activities, it is the responsibility of the absent student to determine the work missed during absence and arrange for its completion.

A note must accompany legitimate absences from school on the date following the absence or a phone call to the Main Office on the day of the absence. Parents may phone the school anytime after hours and access the Attendance Mailbox (905) 827-1158 and pressing “1”. It is important that you provide the name of the student, your name, the relationship to the student, the student’s grade, the reason for the absence and the expected length of absence. All notes explaining absences are to be brought to the Main Office.

Unexplained absences may result in home contact on the part of classroom teachers and/or administration. Appropriate actions will be taken to promote continued attendance in class so that students may achieve success.

All absences will be reported to the home by an electronic phone system daily.

Absences during exams require a medical certificate to excuse a student.

Extended Absences

Please note that T. A. Blakelock High School recognizes the importance of full attendance for all students. We do not encourage leaves of absence but we will attempt to cooperate in exceptional circumstances requested by parents. Should a leave of 3 days or more be requested, your child must complete a leave of absence form that is available from the Main Office prior to the starting date of the leave.


Only students registered at T. A. Blakelock High School are permitted in the school and on the property. All visitors are expected to identify themselves and report to the Main Office. Visitors who have an educational purpose for being in the school will be issued a Visitor’s Pass for a specific time period. Visiting for social reasons during school hours is not permitted.

Students registered at Blakelock are reminded that similar rules regarding visitors apply at all schools.


During the school day, the buildings and grounds of T. A. Blakelock are open only to the students, staff and other Board personnel conducting business at the school.


School Bus

Bus Transportation is available to students who meet the guidelines of the Transportation Policy of the Halton District School Board. Bus routes and schedules are determined by the Transportation Department and are available prior to the start of the school year. Students are expected to follow the Code of Behaviour when riding buses and must comply with the directions and requests of the bus driver. Failure to do so may result in the loss of bus transportation for the student. Questions concerning eligibility or routes should be directed to the Transportation Department at 1-888-803-8660 during regular business hours.


Bicycle racks are provided at the front of the school. It is recommended that bicycles be locked to a rack with a sturdy lock and chain. Motorcyclists are to park on the front west side of the property. Parking on school property is a privilege. All students are to register their car and license plate with the Main Office to obtain permission to use our school parking lot. Unauthorized vehicles may be towed. All students are to park in the rear parking lot of the building only. Drive slowly and carefully. Unauthorized vehicles may be towed. Driving in an unsafe manner or parking in an unauthorized fashion will result in suspension of parking privileges. Loitering or lounging in cars is not permitted. For safety reasons, skateboards or roller blades are not to be used on school property.


You are expected to clean up your tables, put garbage in the receptacles, and return your trays to the kitchen. Food is to be consumed in the cafeteria only. We have found that if students do so in other areas it inevitably results in excessive litter. You can expect to sit at a clean table in the cafeteria and in return, are expected to clean up after yourself when you leave.



T. A. Blakelock High School is a smoke free environment. Students who smoke on school property will be subject to consequences as outlined in the Code of Behaviour and may be fined under the authority of the Tobacco Control Act.


Blakelock offers a full range of co-curricular activities, including clubs and special events organized by the key councils – Students’ Council, Arts Council, World Council, Safety and Well Being Team, Eco-School and Athletic Council. In general, most clubs meet weekly throughout the year and are student organized, operating under the guidance of a teacher-advisor. All students are welcome – listen to the announcements for meeting dates, times and places.


Dances and social events are hosted by the Students’ Council on a regular basis. All school-sponsored events are supervised by staff members and all school rules as outlined in the Code of Behaviour apply. Blakelock students are responsible for the conduct of their guests at school-sponsored events. A student card must be presented by all students attending Blakelock dances and events.


What you wear expresses something about your personality. We appreciate that you want to develop your own style and will wish to wear comfortable clothes, but remember you are at school in a learning environment. Some clothing which is suitable for the beach or a party is not acceptable in school.


Blakelock has a dress code in order to:

Reinforce the positive image of the school as a place of learning

Uphold the expectations of the community

Help ensure the comfort of all members of the Blakelock community

Provide guidance to students who may be unsure as to appropriate dress in the school

Assure consistency in the application of the code.


Students are encouraged to wear clothing that is safe, comfortable, neat, clean and respectful.

The following are inappropriate and unacceptable:

Profanity, nude or semi-nude pictures on clothing including shirts and hats

Suggestive cartoons or drawings on clothing

Derogatory, gender biased or racist comments

Clothing torn in revealing places

Underwear showing i.e., above pants, “muscle shirts”

Revealing clothes such as short shorts, tube tops, clothes made of see-through material or clothes that expose the midriff and chest

Footwear declared unsafe for specific classes such as gym or tech/science classes

Bare feet

Coats in class

Students dressed contrary to this code will be asked to change or cover the offending clothing, or parents will be notified that the student is being sent home.

Good manners, respect for others, and respect for authority contribute to positive relationships. Conduct and language is expected to be respectful, acceptable and not offensive to others. Profanity, inappropriate comments and other verbal and physical harassment are all unacceptable. It is an expectation that students will conduct themselves in a courteous and considerate manner towards one another.


The athletic award system and some school team uniforms must be financed by funds raised by the school. In order that athletes contribute to this, the requirements are:

All athletes must possess a student card.

All athletes must pay a one-time athletic fee per year to assist with the purchase of equipment, uniforms, transportation, and awards.

Students who wish to use the Fitness Centre during their free time must purchase a fitness membership annually. These prices are listed within the registration package.

Parents should also review family insurance coverage. Student insurance coverage is available in early September.


Lockers are the property of the school. Lockers will be assigned to students. Dudley combination locks are suggested to secure them and are available for purchase at Pre-Registration, and at the Main Office. The combination must be registered at the Main Office. If you have a problem and need to change lockers you must make arrangements in the Main Office. Students should NOT give their locker combination to other students at any time.


There is a Lost and Found Box located in the Main Office. Each semester end, any unclaimed items from the Lost and Found Box are donated to a charity. Students who find items are asked to turn them in to the Main Office promptly. Please mark your name in all articles for easy identification. Please do NOT leave valuables unattended. Do NOT bring large amounts of cash, iPod’s, cell phones, or expensive personal computers/calculators to school. The school cannot provide security for such items or replace lost articles.


Only notices directly related to school functions may be displayed in the school and only after they have received approval from the Administration.


During the lunch periods, students are encouraged to use their time wisely. Students may relax in the Cafeteria or outdoors, study in the Library-Resource Centre, participate in the Fitness Centre, or supervised informal gym activities when available.


Lessons are going on in the school all day and it is difficult for students to concentrate if there is excessive noise in the halls. Unfortunately, even a normal conversation between you and a friend is clearly audible in classrooms you are passing and opening and closing lockers is too noisy to be ignored. We have found that the only way to control the level of these disturbances is to request students to stay out of the halls during class time. In the lunch hours, we insist that students must only use one or two of the halls to travel between the cafeteria and the Resource Centre. Loitering is not permitted in corridors, under stairwells, or in foyers adjacent to exit areas.