Out of Area Transfers

Out of Area Transfer Request, formerly known as "Optional Attendance" is the process where students can apply to attend a school other than the school designated for their area of residence. Click here for full information at the board website.

The Halton District School Board encourage​s students to attend their designated school but students can apply to a school outside of their home school if there is enough space to accommodate them.​

Note: Students who transfer to another school are not eligible for Board provided transportation.

APPLICATION FOR TRANSFER OF SCHOOLS – Student moving from Grade 8 into Grade 9
The HDSB Out of Area Transfer Request Application Form (Appendix A) is required for Grade 8 to Grade 9 requests. Applicants are expected to meet with their home school Principal to discuss their reasons for requesting an out of area transfer, as well as review the programs offered at the home secondary school.
The approval of applications is dependent on the following:
● school is designated as an Open School;
● availability of pupil spaces and class size guidelines;
● no need to hire additional staff or increase instructional resources;
● no additional costs to the Board.

Please note the following exceptions:
● Siblings of students admitted to specialized programs (e.g., ESL or Special Education) or granted transfer in other schools, must apply for transfer of schools. The application (Appendix A) must be submitted by the parent/guardian and is subject to the above criteria for decision by the requested school.
● Requests for regional programs in a region other than one’s own are considered transfer of school requests.
● Special Education placements do not fall within the parameters of requesting school transfer.

Students granted out of area transfer are not eligible for board transportation.

Generally, decisions will be forwarded to applicants by the first week of March; however, some decisions may be held pending confirmed enrolments.

Timeline Process ​​
Last week of November
Schools designated open are posted on the Board website
- Applications are given out by the designated home secondary school
(refer to Appendix A in the Secondary ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​out of area transfer request​ administrative procedure below)
Prior to 2nd F​​​​riday in January
Completed applications are returned to home secondary school
Last week of F​​ebruary
Area meetings are held by Superintendent for grade 9 transfer of schools requests
- Decisions about all applications are made and communicated the first week of March
Prior ​​​to end of June
- Appeal decision letter sent to parents by Superintendent of requested school
Important Documents​ for Secondary St​​udents
Secondary Schools - ​Open To Transfer Requests for Se​ptember 2022​​
- Secondary ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Out of Area Transfer Request​ Administrative Procedure with Application​​​
Appeals to reconsider an application are permitted in situations where “extraordinary circumstances” need to be assessed. Appeals are to be submitted by parents, in writing, to the Superintendent(s) of Education of the requested school, copied to the home school and requested school Principal within 10 days of notification of application denied. The Superintendent(s) of Education makes decisions regarding appeals in consultation with the Principals involved, and communicates decisions in writing to the applicant and the schools. The decision of the Superintendent is final. Parents do not need​ to reapply each year after approval but all ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​out of area transfer requests granted are subject to renewal annually.​​