School Council and TAB Community Connections

September through April - Virtually

September 15, 2021

TAB School Council Nominations

On behalf of the school administrative team, I invite parents and guardians interested in serving on our School Council in a formal position to nominate themselves using the nomination form below.

We are permitted to have a maximum of twelve (12) formal, elected parent/guardian members on School Council. If we have more than twelve (12) interested parents/guardians, an election will be necessary.

Please consider how important your involvement is by completing this online NOMINATION FORM

Nominations are due by Monday September 20, 2021

Just want to participate on a less formal basis? I warmly encourage all parents and guardians to "attend" these meetings in order to get to know the school administrators and learn about the developments in the school. This year, you won't even need to leave the comfort of your home: School Council meetings will be virtual and accessed via Google Meet.

Parents and guardians who have chosen to have their children participate in the Virtual Secondary School (VSS) are welcome to participate and be members of the T.A. Blakelock School Council.

Perhaps more than any other year, your active participation is vital. Please consider participating and joining us at our School Council meetings - dates and time will be communicated shortly!



A Message from Your Blakelock School Council

The T.A. Blakelock School Council met online for the first time this year on November 2, 2020, for an extensive discussion about the special challenges of this school year with new principal Jonathan Shoss. This year the council has two new co-chairs who are eager to act as a resource and a conduit for all T.A. Blakelock parents.

We would like to invite parents to send us any questions and concerns and we will work on finding answers. Send your comments to and don’t forget to include your child’s grade. Please note that all communication to the school council will be confidential. We hope to improve communication to Blakelock parents in these uncertain times and are working on holding some virtual parent education sessions for common concerns in cooperation with T.A. Blakelock staff.

Yours truly,

Kim Elford-Ephrem and Lisa Michaels

School Council Co-chairs


Location - Virtually through Google Meet

Staff Rep - Arthur Hilson

Student Council Representatives: TBD

School Council Co-Chairs: Kim Elford-Ephrem

Lisa Michaels

For more information please contact Senior Secretary 905 827-1158, ext. 252