School Council and TAB Community Connections

School Council Members:
Co-Chairs - Kristina Kriston and Veineet Guliani
Treasurer - Lisa Duncan
Secretary - Kalsum Kakar

P.I.C Representatives - Riana Elbeheiry
Social Media - Katherine Garber
Member at Large - Gemma Hagerman
Member at Large - Terrance Henry

School Council Email: 

Next meeting: February 27, 2023

T.A. Blakelock School Council Agenda - February, 27 2024

Land Acknowledgement

Introductions and Welcomes - 7:00-7:10

Student Report - 7:10-7:30:

Pro Grant Discussion and Other presentations 7:30-8:00:

Principal’s Report 8:00-8:20:

Clubs, teams, extracurricular

Physical Plant:

Teachers Report 8:20-8:35:

T.A. Blakelock School Council Meeting - November 28, 2023

Land Acknowledgement:

Introductions and Welcomes:

Student Report:

Community Involvement:

Fundraising Plan Discussion and Council Goals:

Principal’s Report:

Teachers Report:

Trustee Report:

Next Meeting Dates:


T.A.Blakelock H.S School Council Meeting Sep 26, 2023

Present at meeting in person: Kristina Kriston, Melissa Crawford, Katherine Garber, Lisa Duncan, Terrance Henry, Vineed Guliani, Dolunay Sen, Lienne Leung, Dan Duncan, Jessica Lim, Rania Elbeheiry, Paul Daswon, Kerry Sagar, Kevin McConvey, Art Hilson

Online attendees: 

The meeting began at 7:00 PM with Mr. Dawson giving a brief introduction. He started by acknowledging the Indigenous history of the land they were on and the importance of honoring and respecting it. He also mentioned that it was Reconciliation Week at the school, marked by students wearing orange shirts on Friday.

Introductions were made by various attendees, including Kristian, Melissa, Katherine, Dan, Lisa, Terrence, Dolni, Leanne, Kevin, Riana, and others.

Mr. Dawson discussed the roles within the school council, including general members, executive members (chair, co-chair, vice-chair, secretary, treasurer), and committee representatives. He emphasized the importance of parent involvement and the various ways one can participate, from attending meetings to taking on specific roles.

Roles and responsibilities within the council were outlined:

Mr. Dawson also mentioned the significance of fundraising in high schools and encouraged parents to get involved in school events, as students appreciate their participation.
The meeting discussed the potential election of council roles, but due to the number of attendees, a formal vote couldn't take place. Instead, attendees were asked to express their
interest in specific roles.

There was a call for volunteers to take on roles within the school council, ensuring that everyone had the opportunity to contribute to the school's community.

T.A. Blakelock School Council Agenda- May 29, 2023

Land Acknowledgement

Introductions and Welcomes - 7:00-7:10:

Student Report 7:10-7:20:

Co-Chairs Report 7:20-7:40:

Principal’s Report 7:40-8:00:

Clubs, teams, extracurricular

Teachers Report

Trustee Report

New Business

Next Meeting Dates:

To be determined - First meeting expected in September of 2023

T.A. Blakelock School Council Minutes- November 21, 2022

Present - Paul Dawson, Joanne Chubb, Dennis Han, Jennifer Heuft, Dolunay Sen, Lienne Leung, Jeanette Armitage, Melinda Pegg-Liauba, Karen Puhmmann, Linda DiBiase, Kas Hallman, Ann Murphy, Carole Baxter, Tabitha Pyrchalla, Hannah Kohler

PD - Greetings and welcome, thanks for joining us for the Nov 21 School Council Meeting 

Land Acknowledgement

PD - acknowledgement

Introductions and Welcomes - 7:00-7:30

JC - welcome everyone, one of the co chairs, KK cannot attend, turn over to student council

Student Report:

HK - we are here to share what the student council has been doing to improve school spirit and student engagement and voice.  We have been working on bully awareness through special activities and events including just dance, friend grams, yoga, door decorating contest for open house to showcase tab spirit, stay tuned we will be announcing the winner soon.  The November focus is mental health and men’s health and this is supported with our daily announcements.  On the 30th we will encourage that we all wear mustaches.  In the New Year we will be hosting the cocoa and cram with study help.

HK - questions concerns

PD - thank you for the update, we meet once a month, encourage your students to connect with student council, if we are missing anything we will find a way to incorporate new ideas

HC - Tiger Talk - general council is rebranded, Thursday at lunch, posted on Instagram

JC - Can you stay for a few minutes, useful for you to have info

Co-Chairs Report:

JC - Time to get back to fundraising, four areas of need, the first is Angel fund and the need to replenish this fund. Second area of need is the shortage of technology such as computers. Third area of need is HLF (Halton Learning Foundation) as there are a lot of families in need. We have two ideas which include hot chocolate and Cobbs Bread and/or Tim Hortons to benefit the HLF and Angel Fund. We are looking at a soft launch and to rebuild the volunteer base as we need volunteers.

The other concept is to have a big event such as a first annual film festival and arts fest. This is another way to get parents involved and to invite feeder schools and to build community among staff and students. We have lots of great talent, and raise funds for Angel Fund and for technology. Have a concept idea for this like the Oscars.

The arts fest will feature creative student works such as wood working, sewing and other arts created. Design this to be a scalable event. We can use the library, gym, studio, both.  KK and I would like to remove barriers and fully include all members of our school community. The CPP kids could create posters, and with communication devices can make announcements, creating a day in the life of a CPP student mini documentary.  We have a fair number of students new to Canada and ELL students so we need to be mindful of how to include everyone. We are planning on a low cost for admissions, lots of volunteer opportunities for students, and also need to build up a volunteer base. The plan is to raise funds by admission fee or donations, and if students are willing to contribute then sell some of the students' work by auction or by gallery, and concession sales. Next, we need to create a buzz, KK and I will be attending the next staff meeting Dec 5th, get people involved in a committee, and I will pass a committee sign up for a tentative event date of May 11, 2023.

Question - Have you considered third party fundraisers? As it would require a lot less work, we get a cut of the sales etc. 

Question - Do you have financial goals or participation goals?

JC - This is more about creating an event for the school anything we raise is a bonus, put money towards a laptop 

PD - I believe many teachers are keen to this idea, great to bring people back into our school

JC - It would be for feeder schools as well

JC - Will stay around after the meeting to discuss with anyone interested in helping 

Principal’s Report 7:30-8:15


PD - Financial training JC and me 


PD - We had over 1500 people in building, 200 applications, closes Dec 5th, positive response 

PD - Great tours, great participation by staff and students touring their younger siblings, between 400-500 in attendance, thank you to DS and her team

PD - School improvement plan for student achievement, looking forward to having more student voice, establish some of the goals but it is a multi year plan 

Clubs, teams, extracurricular

PD - Everything is on, full swing, more opportunities for kids to get involved

PD - We have everything running (list later), if we are not running something then get in contact and we will make it happen

Physical Plant:

PD - phase one of the renovations will be to have four classrooms renovated around the library as well as two change rooms and a storage room.  This will start around March break, significant demolition. Next will be the library in mid June.  May be limited access to the library during this time.  The seminar room will be moved to the front of the library and large glass walls will be installed in the halls to make the learning visible.  Having experience at a previous school when staff and students see learning happening they want to get involved.  Phase two will start summer to fall and will be the science labs.  Phase three will start 2025 and include expanding the air conditioning to remaining parts of the building, CPP classrooms, Drama rooms, and the interior courtyard of the school.  Busy and hectic but will be very good.

Question - will the drawings be posted?

PD - we don’t have all of the final plans

JC - what do you anticipate the impact on students?

PD - we are taking it phase by phase, we feel confident we have this planned to minimize disruption 

Teachers Report

AH - On behalf of the education workers I would provide the perspective that it has been a great school year so far.  It is also very exciting to be at a school that is seeing significant investments to improve the learning environment.     

Trustee Report

I am new to the role and happy to be involved in everything, please reach out, email

JC - We appreciate you coming to the meetings and being our new trustee

JC - the Pic rep for our school is Dennis Han

DH - Thank you JC, the PIC rep is the liaison between school council and the board parent involvement committee, we also attend a conference where we learn about best practices for parental engagement and the new process in term how funds assigned, equal share for each school, funds to be used to increase engagement

Question - what is PIC?

DH - parent involvement committee

JC - end of meeting we can all meet to discuss

Question - will kids have a big school dance?

PD - Yes, prom or grad in May at Burlington convention center, in discussion about semi formal

Question - movie night?

JC- yes, in hands of student council

PD - to do this right there is a licensing fee

PD - small cost, we do need to have some H&S that has some cost, committed to doing

DH - remember there is donation matching by employers or other organizations

JC - any other questions?

JC -

JC - Feb 27, 2022, May 29th both Monday

PD - Thank you again, meeting adjourned 

Student Services Presentation:

Course Selection process

Next Meeting Dates:

February 27, 2023

May 29, 2023

T.A. Blakelock School Council Meeting Minutes - September 28, 2022

Present - Paul Dawson, Kerry Sagar, Joanne Chubb, Kristina Kriston, Dennis Han, Lienne Leung, Wilson Lai, Dolunay Sen, Reena Shah, Brett Herrington, Khalid Ibrahim, Dolly, Karen Paulman, Art Hilson, Tabitha Pignatiello, Hannah Kohler

Introductions and Welcomes - 7:00-7:30

PD Welcome members in attendance, excited to have people in building, 

Land acknowledgement

Timely to share acknowledgement as it is truth and reconciliation week

PD Introductions of meeting attendees 

Paul Dawson  - principal

Kristina Kriston - last year co-chair, nominee for co-chair  

Joanne Chubb - last year co-chair, nominee for co-chair  

Reena Shah - parent

Kerry Sagar - vice-principal

Brett Harington - parent

Dennis Hann - parent

Khalid Ibrahim - parent 

Dolly - parent

Wilson Lai - parent

Lienne Leung - parent

Karen Paulman - 

Hannah Kholer - student council

Tabitha Prychalla - student council

Art Hilson - teacher

PD Thank you for coming to listen and share, this is an opportunity for feedback

Explanation of election/acclimation of school council positions 

Joanne and Kristina have offered to stay on as co chairs, Art has offered to stay on as the teacher rep, student reps are from student council, each school has a PIC representative, PIC rep is part of a board wide group and attends the PIC conference and opportunities to share experiences

School council meets a minimum of 3 times a year, this is our first meeting with additional meetings in Nov, Feb and June

There are many opportunities to play a role

I am very excited to be at Blakelock which is an excellent school and at the beginning of the I-STEM transition. There will be lots of positive changes coming to this school to make it even better.  I am also a parent with a 7 and 9 year old so I understand school issues from that lens. There is so much planned for this school it is an exciting time to be at Blakelock.  Everyone knows the students are fantastic.  Please stop by and say hello at any time.  

Student Report:

Information from Student Council Co-Prime Minister - HK & TP

Student council meets every Monday and has a  PM, deputy PM, treasure, secretary, social media, and different grade reps.  Student council also oversees the General Council which is open to everyone to get feedback and student voice and input from clubs who also send reps.  Student council organizes the school club fair which connects students with the many teams and clubs at Blakelock.  

Other initiatives of Student Council include; TRC week is this week awareness including the gallery walk in library seminar room, podcast events, baby moccasins

Student Council is seeking candidates for grade 9 rep and will hold election soon and we are collecting candidate blurbs

Other initiatives include; basketball free throw contest for pink game, $1 per minute for throwing, all money going to breast cancer charities, pumpkin carving contest $5 cost, costume draw, no can no can park with proceeds going to Halton Food for Thought, we intend to hold one big event per month 

Question - can all students get involved? Yes, with General Council in room 215 on Tuesdays at noon 

PD Any more questions?  Thank you, great work being done by student council 

Principal’s Report 7:30-8:15

Start Up

PD Covid- 19 Updates - no update other than what has been shared from board

One big change is that we are in person, gyms are full, bands are back up and running, it feels like a normal school start up, mindful about assemblies, day to day is basically 100%

Semester Scheduling - expect a regular semester, ministry has gone back to normal 

Code of Conduct Review (review slide show) - slide show, go to HDSB code of conduct, things that happen on school property and off school property, students, staff volunteers, also virtual, it applies to those areas. It is a shared responsibility, respect the people and the place.  We have a progressive discipline approach. There is an anonymous button on our website to report bullying. We strive to create a safe and inclusive environment for everyone.

PD There is a board wide dress code and we will make sure it aligns well, students and staff 

to express themselves and feel safe and supported and if there are challenges we  will work to come to a resolution, what we see fits with everyone.  In a teck shop or in a science lab there are some professional pieces. 

PD Programming updates 

 I-STEM open house November 3, Orange Shirt Day is this Friday, Terry Fox is a nice event, students want to do spirit events to bring people together.  Program nights - October 20th, firth week reports a week before, all grade 9 get a report, all others if there is a concern, this is the first check in point with families, it will be onsite but also virtual appointments available, November 17 is grade 8 program night. Tomorrow night is the open house, specific session for grade 12 students and grade 9 students, work with those coming in and going out.  Tiger crew will be there to help direct people around the building.

JC Lots of positive changes at the school

PD I-STEM IStem launching next year, we are excited!   It is a 4 year integrated program,

we are at the very beginning of this journey

KS If your kids are already here at Blakelock they will see the transition to I-STEM but they

 are unfortunately not candidates for this program.  We are getting some incredible experts and bringing in lots of great community partners including McMaster University, UTMS. We are hoping we can make some great connections in the community.

PD We want to make this Blakelock specific

Clubs, teams, extracurricular

PD Fall sports up and running, Many clubs are getting organized

Physical Plant:

PD First phase will be the four classrooms near library will be thinking innovation space, in

approximately a year and a half this will be glass, people will be able to see into spaces, how engaged kids can get when they get into I-STEM learning we will have laser cutters and 3D printers, the library will have a major renovation, more glass walls and ceilings, for a building built in the 50’s this is a great space


KI This space is missing natural light 

PD This will be fixed during the renovations 

PD Air conditioning will be phase 2, also science lab updates, phase three will be updates to 

the front facade and door 27, lift will be renovated, and accessibility throughout the school. This school has a gun range that will be repurposed 

KS The plan will be to make more places for student to gather in the building like a

learning commons

PD The girls change room will also be moved up


PD A lot happening in this building, this will add to the student population, if you are a school

that is undersubscribed then you sometimes miss out on programming, distinct advantage to have a CPP program, how do we incorporate all students, there are a lot of opportunities

PD Questions?

Question - any more work to be done to enhance the outside spaces

PD The butterfly garden will be updated, the center courtyard.  I will also offer an apology in 

advance as there may be time when portables are needed when we are renovating

Question - any changes to the washrooms?

PD Some of them have already been renovated and I will check the plans, East wing newer 

Question - are there any updates on the cafeteria and hours of operation?

PD There has been a system wide challenge but we hope it will be back up and running, we 

don’t manage that staff, we do have a snack program so students will always have food available in the building  


PD Clubs teams sports up and running, if there is something wanted we can accommodate 

PD Our Trustee Tracey is at a board meeting tonight and sends her regrets for not attending 

PD We normally meet on a Monday and we can discuss any areas of interest including

fundraising, guest speakers, student services, as ideas come up please share.  The tentative dates for the next school council meeting are November  21st , February 27, May 29 , it will be published on the website 

Question - what type of fundraising?  

PD Does not have to be big scale, even if we were raising for 10 more chrome books it

would make a positive difference 

KK We can also do something larger 

PD SIPSA development - sense of community collaboration, school culture, first time in a 

long time we are able to get into this, 

Question - is this normal for attendance? 

JC Last year we had 25 online

PD We can offer to have it hybrid 

PD We really appreciate everyone joining us and we hope you are as excited about all the 

positive changes coming to Blakelock as we are.  Once again thank you for your time and support.

Question - Is there anything we can do tomorrow at the school Open House?

PD Tomorrow is for you to learning about the school, thank you 

Question - Are you encouraging the kids to come?

PD Yes, this is their school

PD Thank you again and the meeting is adjourned 

For more information please contact Senior Secretary 905 827-1158, ext. 252