School Cash Online

School Cash Online offers the following benefits

  • A​​bility to pay usin​g Visa, Mastercard and Visa Debit and Mastercard Debit

  • ​Receive email reminders when payments are due

  • Parents/guardians will only see items available to purchase which apply to their student(s)

Instructions are outlined in the yellow registration flyer​ that was sent home from your school. In order to add the student to the parent/guardian account you will require:

1. HDSB Student Number (Not the OEN number - Please contact the school for assistance if you require this information)
Legal Last Name
Date of Birth

The Parent Help Desk is available 24 x 7 to assist School Cash Online users. Check for the "support" tab in the bottom right hand corner of the website. If you are unable to find the answer in the search menu, select Contact us.​

Please note: the Parent Help Desk cannot provide the personal information required to add a student to your account, this can only be provided through the school.

Registration Flyer Translations ​​

Features – School Cash Online​

Some of the features in School Cash Online are highlighted below:​

1.Parent Video - Check out our School Cash Online ​promotio​nal video for parents.

2. Make a Donation - When you are in School Cash Online making purchases, you can also add a donation to the Board or school by clicking the Make a Donation box. Follow the simple on-screen instructions and an official donation receipt for tax purposes will be emailed upon checkout.​​​ ​You can also access the "Make a Donation" tab on your school’s website.

3. Visa Debit/Mastercard Debit - Can be used to make a payment in place of a traditional credit card. During the checkout process, click on the credit card symbol tab and enter the credentials off your debit card.​ ​​