Daily Announcements

Monday June 20th 2022

Attention Tigers! Please remember to return your chromebooks and charging cords to the Library Learning Commons by June 24th. This also applies to Library books that are overdue. The Library will be closed during Final Evaluations in the morning and there will be a cart located outside the Library doors where you can drop off your books, chromebooks and charging cords. The Library will be open after 11:00 to students for quiet study.

Did you know that you can borrow up to 10 Library books for the summer? So come on down to the Library Learning Commons before Final Evaluation Days begin and pick up some cool books to escape some of those hot summer days.

Just a reminder for the Library Volunteers who signed up for the Strawberry Social. We will be meeting today after school in the Library Learning Commons.

Please note that the Cafeteria and Servery are closed all day today and for the remainder of the school year.

Today is locker clean out day! Please check your lockers and at home for any textbooks, library books, chromebooks, instruments or other school materials that need to be returned before summer break.

Hey TABloid Newsletter Team, we will have our last meeting TODAY after school in the LLC to celebrate our last edition of the year! It will be short and sweet!

We did it, Tigers! We made it to the last regular day of another memorable school year. Remember semester 1? … distancing, masking and 2 1/2 hour classes? Remember how we had 2 classes a day every day for a whole week, then alternated with 2 different classes the next? Remember when we switched back to a regular schedule in December … and how strange that felt? WE HAVE ALL BEEN THROUGH A LOT THIS YEAR …. And today’s WELLNESS WORDS… the last of the year… encourage you to recognize, reflect and congratulate yourself for hanging in there. Here they are …'Take a moment to celebrate yourself, how far you've come, where you're going, your accomplishments, your courage and your strength. Never forget, you are amazing." Finish this week with your best efforts, and head into summer proud of all that you have handled this year! Way to go, Tigers!