Daily Announcements

Thursday, January 20th 2022

Student Executive Council has news about this week's Fashion Friday! This week, we ask all Blakelock staff and students to wear a MONOCHROMATIC scheme from head to toe!!! …yes, that’s right MONOCHROMATIC …meaning the SAME COLOUR FROM HEAD TO TOE!! We can't wait to see what monochromatic scheme you choose! Be CREATIVE and make sure to enter your name in the draw at the T this Friday!

BOOK CLUB meets tomorrow, Friday, at 11am in the Library Seminar Room. We’ll be discussing our latest book, “Circe” All are welcome.

Today the Wellness Club would like to leave you with a little more food for thought about COMMUNITY. We are ALL in this challenging and exhausting situation TOGETHER, TIGERS. Let’s not ever forget that. Yesterday we honoured the life of Dr Martin Luther King - amazing leader, human rights activist and peace advocate. Today we take some inspiration from another great activist inspired by Dr King …. His wife, Coretta Scott King. In this quote, she encourages us to think about our actions and how they impact all of those around us. She said…"The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members".

Let’s show the GREATNESS of our Tigers community. Be compassionate and caring as you go about your day today! Remember that what YOU DO impacts us ALL!