Terese Sears

Terese Sears graduated from T. A. Blakelock in 1981. After attending the University of Toronto for two years, she left to pursue opportunities in television. She is currently an established member of Global Television News. Terese is a founding member of The Canadian Association of Black Journalists.

Born in London, England, Terese came to Canada when she was 13 years old. She brought with her a sense of style and determination. It was this combination that Terese translated in to success as a publicist, writer, fashion promoter and journalist.

Reminiscing about her years at Blakelock, Terese said, "It was a great school to attend. All kids were given the opportunity to succeed. They were, in fact given that extra encouragement to succeed. I even remember the food was good!"

As a Blakelock student, Terese considered herself a little shy though she readily admitted to being outgoing and a bit of a troublemaker. I had lots of friend who were considered nerdy, as well as sports jocks and everything in between."

When asked about her success, Terese said that her willingness to continue to learn and hone her craft was a major factor. She also attributed a great deal of her professional work ethic to her parents and sisters. In fact, the Sears family is the definitive embodiment of success. Djanet Sears is a Governor General's Award winning playwright, Rosie Sears is a Physiotherapist and Celia Sears is an International Fashion editor; all Blakelock graduates!

Terese's advise to current Blakelock students is to pursue their goals with "gusto" but to make sure they take the right steps needed to make it happen.

2005 Hall of Fame Inductee