Lindy Booth

From a wealth of Sears Drama Festival awards to a DVD-Premier award, and a Canadian Comedy Awards Pretty Funny Female nomination, Blakelock graduate and Hall of Fame inductee Lindy Booth provides a little Hollywood mystique to the T. A. Blakelock Hall of Fame.

Oakville born, Lindy attended Pine Grove Elementary and St. Mildred's Lightbourn School before entering T.A. Blakelock in 1994. It wasn't long before she was wrapped up in TAB theatre. It was in this realm that, according to former teacher, Mrs. Jan Barrett; "She lit up the room with her infectious laughter and sparking eyes. She had that special "it" star quality."

In addition to her commitment to theatre, Lindy excelled in academics. She maintained this standard of excellence while working on a TV show.

In recalling her favourite memories of Blakelock, Lindy talked about preparing for the Sears Festival; coming to school early and leaving well after dark. "We were all so passionate about whatever show we were working on; so many different people with different skills, working together for a common goal."

Although she is in a very public and high profile profession, Lindy insists that she kept very much to herself at TAB. "I had a very tight group of friends, and we were fairly fearless!, My nickname was "Drama girl", but I was also shy. The theatre gave me an opportunity to be as outgoing as I wanted." She went on to say that she owed a great deal to a number of teachers, in particular her Drama teacher, Mrs. Barrett, who encouraged, supported and eventually introduced her to an agent.

When asked what advice she would offer current Blakelock students, Lindy said that although it sounds a little clichéd, she would say that they should follow their hearts and dreams. "Rewards are so much bigger if you are pursuing something that you love."

2005 Hall of Fame Inductee