Lieutenant Colonel Guy Smith

The path to success has twists and turns, hoops and obstacles. In order to be successful you must be patient, you must be determined and you must be persistent.

In his time at Blakelock, Guy Smith was most well known as the class joker, a member of the championship football team and a member of the cadets. It was through watching shows and being in cadets that Mr. Smith found one of his passions.

Mr. Smith served 21 years in the army from the 1970s to the 1990s, and he saw the world. After 9/11 he returned to the army and served in both Africa and Afghanistan. He also became an entrepreneur and opened his own business. His love of hunting and nature became of a love of fishing. Mr. Smith has gone on to become President of the Sport Fishing Association, run fishing and pleasure tours and run a Fishing Derby Fundraiser for veteran families.

His love of the army and veterans along with his love of fishing and the environment has driven him to become the successful man he is today. Mr. Smith has pushed through everything life has thrown at him. This year, Thomas A. Blakelock is honoured to induct into its Hall of Fame military veteran, entrepreneur and proud Blakelock alumni, Lieutenant Colonel Guy Smith.

2015 Hall of Fame Inductee