Arlene Duncan

While at Blakelock, Arlene participated in track and field, the drama club, student council and sang with the stage band. She played the lead role in Blakelock's first musical, "Guys and Dolls".

After high school, Arlene won the "Du Maurier Search for Stars" competition and then went on to host this event. In 1981, she was the winner of the Pacific Song Festival, "Artistic Merit Award" representing Canada in New Zealand.

Arlene has appeared in more than three dozen film and television projects including the role of Harriet Tubman in CBS' "Sing Out, Freedom Train" and in "Freedom: The True Story of Fanny Kemble". She has performed in numerous musicals including a Johnny Cash special and Global TV's "Variety Tonight". Arlene is currently starring in the TV show "Little Mosque on the Prairie".

2006 Hall of Fame Inductee