Class of 2024 Information

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Full Disclosure

Full Disclosure for Semester 2 is May 5, 2023. 

What is Full Disclosure? Any Grade 11 or 12 course completed, dropped or failed after the full disclosure date will appear on a student transcript along with the marks earned in the course. If a student drops a senior course prior to the full disclosure date, the course will not show up on their final transcript. Full disclosure does not apply to Grade 9 or 10 courses.

Returning to TAB in the Fall?

Attention Grade 12 TAB Students! Are you thinking about returning to TAB in September 2024?

Do you…

-want to upgrade your courses?

-not feel ready to make a decision about post-secondary education?

- still need another credit to get into the post-secondary program of your choice

If you are looking to return next year, please let your Guidance Counsellor know as soon as possible to help you make a plan for September 2023.

Post-Secondary Resources

Students Graduating or Not Returning

Students not actively registered will lose access to the HDSB Network & Halton Cloud / G Suite for Education applications, data, and email.

IMPORTANT: If you have used your HDSB email when applying for post secondary, resume, job applications, you will need to update your information and change it to a personal email address before access to your HDSB account is lost at the end of the school year.

To retain your G Suite data, please see one of the options below:

This will enable you to easily retain your email, essays, resumes, science projects and any other files stored on Google Drive before access has been removed to your HDSB account.

Additionally, myBlueprint can continue to be a great planning resource for you during your post-secondary journey. To ensure that you can still access your account please check out this myBlueprint After Graduation document for instructions.