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Welcome to Student Success Center at Blakelock!

Every student learns in his or her own way.

Ontario's high schools are working with communities, employers, colleges, universities and training centres to offer more ways than ever to help students focus on their interests and support their learning.

This means meeting the needs, interests and strengths of all students, engaging them in learning and better preparing them for graduation and beyond.

Ontario Ministry of Education

The Student Success department at T.A. Blakelock is dedicated to supporting students in their learning with a diverse set of opportunities and services such as:

Missing Assignment Recovery Support (MARS)

A program designed to assist students with outstanding assignments from current classes.  Student Success Teachers are available to support students with assignments, projects and essays.  A support program that runs throughout the day during the exam period to assist students with completing overdue assignments and to prepare for final evaluations.

Self Paced Learning(SPL)

Self Paced Learning at T.A. Blakelock is open to students from all academic pathways.

The program is unique and innovative in which students take responsibility for their learning and develop key post-secondary skills.  Students are able to direct and pace their learning to meet their needs, as independent learners working toward their own goals.

eLearning (Online Learning)

eLearning courses are offered through the Halton District School Board.

Credit Recovery

An important initiative of the Student Success program is the Credit Recovery Program. This program provides additional opportunities for students to gain missed credits through an individualized Credit Recovery Program.  These opportunities enable many students to experience success in learning, feel proud of their accomplishments and become more engaged in their academic programs.


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