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Friday May 20th (B)

posted May 22, 2017, 7:33 AM by Alan Payne
Yesterday, our TAB Musicians made their voices heard with power and excellence at the National Music Festival in Niagara Falls. To open the day our Saxophone Trio, Wendy Tang, Melissa Jiang, and Else Sather took the stage and rocked their performance earning a Gold Medal. Next up, it was our Clarinet Quartet’s turn. Heather Wang, Titi Huynh, Sarah Enright and Kristen Dion had a remarkable performance and a second Gold Medal was awarded. After taking a little time off for lunch, our Wind Ensemble took centre Stage. We are one of only two Bands in Canada to compete in the top challenge category this year. With poise determination and focus these amazing musician earned a Silver Medal for their tremendous efforts and outstanding achievements. But we weren't through yet. Finally at the end of the evening, our Blakelock Jazz Orchestra charged the stage, and fuelled by their peers successes and support reached up and with an exhilarating performance earned a Gold Medal!
Three Golds and a Silver making for one heck of a day and a tremendous outcome!
Way to go Blakelock musicians! Bravo!