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Students interested in the ICT SHSM, the Energy SHSM or the Arts and Culture SHSM at TA Blakelock should be sure to have selected the specific SHSM - which have been explained in grade 10 assemblies in February. Grade 10's select the SHSM to begin their grade 11 year.A SHSM Package may be acquired from the Guidance office and completed if interested.
This document tells you what courses are in the ICT SHSM.
ITC 2010+ Course Offerings.doc
Visit the TAB Guidance office if you require assistance.

See Mr. Payne's web site for all grades of Computer Science
and Computer Engineering Technology,
and for the grades 11 and 12 course selections
required for the ICT SHSM at TAB.

by Jessie Eaton and Victoria Shalygin

Map of Computer Science

2019 ICS3U

2019 TEJ3M4M

2018 TEJ3M4M

2018 ICS4U

2018  Grade 11 Computer Computer Science 
Parts D Presentations

2018 ICS3U


A Beginner's Guide to Quantum Computing

2016 - 2017 Grade 12 Computer Science Unity Game Development

2016 2017 ICS4U Final Performance Tasks

2017  Grade 12 Computer Technology and Grade 11 Computer Science
Parts C + D Presentations

2017 TEJ4M and ICS3U

2016 - 2017  Grade 11 Computer Technology and Grade 12 Computer Science Parts C + D Presentations

2016 ICS4U

2016 TEJ3M

2016 Grade 11 and Grade 12 Computer Science and Computer Engineering Technology as part of our ICT SHSM
Including the Cisco Networking Academy Program !

2016 Grade 11 and Grade 12 Computer Science and Computer Engineering Technology Presentations

2016 Grade 11 and Grade 12 Computer Science

2016 Grades 11 and 12 Computer Engineering Technology
Interfacing to any devices in Grade 11. Programming the XBox Kinect in Grade 12 !

ICT SHSM Projects 2015

Waterloo Computer Science Contests 2014 and 2015

2014 2015 Waterloo Computer Science Contest

 ICS4U Grade 12 Computer Science 2015

2015 Grade 12 Computer Science Presentations for Part D Course Outcomes

2015 Grade 12 Computer Science

Halton Skills Competition Participants 2015

Cisco Aspire Networking and Entrepreneurship Simulation

Student Independent Studies 2015
Grade 10 ICS2O
Donkey Kong in Visual Basic, by Reuben

2015-05-14_Donkey Kong Video.swf

ICT SHSM Industry Certifications 2015
All participants in the ICT SHSM taking Computer Science in Grade 12 would receive Microsoft endorsed XNA Semesters 1 and 2 Certifications
Those in Computer Engineering Technology receive Cisco IT Essentials 5.2 and Cisco CCNA 1 Discovery Certificates http://cisco.netacad.net

All ICT SHSM students receive the FIT Plus Certificate from ICTC recognizing the students' commitment to learning advanced skills in Information and Communications Technology, their minimum of 2 Industry Certifications from above, plus their 2-credit Co-op experience.