Welcome to T.A. Blakelock High School

JUNIOR BOYS FOOTBALL Tryouts and practice begins Wednesday, September 3 at 3:00 p.m. out on the back field. Please be prepared wearing running shoes, shorts and t-shirts.
2014-15 Registration

It’s almost that time…… and we are looking forward to welcoming all students to Blakelock for the 2014-15 school year!

In-School Registration is on Aug 25 and 26 in our large gym.  

Registration is to:

1.  pay applicable student fees, including:  student engagement, yearbook, graduation, phys-ed t-shirt /shorts, athletic fee, fitness centre membership, lock. Grade 9 students will be given a lock at no charge.  Register for Cashless and pay online here (https://halton.cashlessschools.com).  Students who pay fees online will be fast-tracked through registration lines on August 25, 26 or can hand-in/pick up forms on the morning of Sept 2.  It is recommended that grade 9 students pick up their timetable during in-school registration.  If not paying online, cheques are best!  If payment is made by cash, please bring exact change.  T-shirts/shorts will be handed out by Athletics during the first week of school.

2.  hand-in Student Info Verification, Promotional Use, Medical Needs and Anaphylaxis forms.  The pre-populated Student Info Verification forms were sent to students in July – bring this form to avoid filling out a new blank form.

3.  receive timetable and student network credentials

4.  get picture taken – Lifetouch is in the small gym to take pictures for purchase and student cards.  A second Photo Day is scheduled for Sept 12. Student cards are required for all students – there is no charge for the student card.  They can be pre-loaded with money on halton.cashlessschools.com and swiped in the cafeteria to pay for food.

Lockers will be assigned during the first week of school.  Locks put on before the first day of school will be cut off.

Bussing information is available at www.haltonbus.ca.

Please review Registration Sheet and Cashless Payment Instructions for more information.


All Senior Football players are expected to attend fall training camp August 25-28.  Equipment pick up will be Monday, August 25 between 10-12 at Blakelock.  All players are required to bring in a postdated cheque for $300 as an equipment deposit and complete an Athletic Participation Form to be handed in at the beginning of camp.  All other fees for football will be available through Cashless schools.

Training camp will be at Bronte Athletic field.  Please bring water bottles and snacks with you.

Monday August 25                                                2-4 pm

Cashless School Registration Requested
Blakelock is now a Cashless School! Registration fees for next year are now available online. It’s fast, efficient and secure - less cash for students to carry, less staff time spent counting and documenting large volumes of cash payments. Please log on to https://halton.cashlessschools.com/, click on the ‘Register now’ link (bottom paragraph) and you will be guided through registering. Call the Cashless support line if you have any difficulty at 1-866-231-3322. Students with fees paid online by Aug 25, will receive a free $5 credit in our cafeteria!

Transportation Policy Change
At the May 7, 2014 Board meeting, Halton District School Board Trustees approved a change to the Transportation Policy and decreased the home to school transportation eligibility distance requirement for secondary students from 4.0 km to 3.2 km, effective September 2, 2014.  For more information about this transportation eligibility for the 2014-2015 school year, please click here.